The Pokémon Explorations series arrives on Netflix in Italy ~ Pokémon Millennium

The 23rd season of the anime dedicated to pocket monsters, entitled Pokémon explorations, will arrive shortly in streaming in Italy on Netflix. Starting from 1 Julyin fact, those who subscribe to the site will be able to find all the 48 episodes of the series. We will be able to continue following the adventures of Ash Ketchum while pursuing his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master.

This time he will be accompanying Ash on his journey Goh, a new friend of his who aims to capture the mysterious Mew. Together they will set out to explore the entire Pokémon world, crossing the most important regions from Kanto to Galar. During the journey, the two will meet many new and old friends, face exciting challenges and discover new realities such as the fenomeno Dynamax.

In the meantime, the 71st episode of Pokémon Explorations, of which you can find the summary on our site.

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