The premiere screening of the anime “Loves does not love” will take place in the Kinomax network of cinemas

On February 11, the Kinomax network of cinemas will host the premiere screenings of the anime “Loves Doesn’t Love” (directed by Toshimasa Kuroyanagi) with the participation of film critics and a drawing of a memorable merch. The story tells about four high school students. Yuna dreams of romance, and Akari is very pragmatic. Kazuomi is a skeptic who never really understood what love means, while Ryo is ready to confess his love to every pretty girl. These four will soon have to test all their beliefs in practice …

MOSCOW – at 20:00 film critic Lamara Karchava will present the film. The program includes treats from the Nippon online store and a raffle from Discomir. Tickets

KAZAN – at 19:00 the film will be presented by Teymur Galimov, ZanZara anime salon. Tickets

VLADIVOSTOK – at 19:00 the film will be presented by Evgeny Omelchenko (association of geek communities of Vladivostok). Tickets

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