The protagonist of Immortals: Fenyx Rising comes to life with this incredible cosplay

Although the avatar creator of Immortals: Fenyx Rising allows you to even change the gender of your character, the protagonist of the game has a predetermined appearance if you have not done it to edit it, and the following cosplay realizado Peytoncosplay (Twitter) It will make you want to stay with this beautiful protagonist from the beginning.

The protagonist of Immortals Fenix ​​Rising comes to life with this incredible cosplay

Ready for a round with the titans | Photo: @PeytonCosplay (Twitter)

Say that the cosplayer nailed it would be an understatement since it practically took over the protagonist, thanks to the great resemblance he shares along with his handmade outfit that, according to Peyton, took him three whole days to make and was used in collaboration with UbisoftLatam (Twitter) to promote the launch of Immortals Fenyx Rising there in December 2020.

Curiously, you acquire her armor over the course of the game, but it is the one that best represents the protagonist “Fenyx”. It is a set with greyish protections and gold-plated Phoenix motifs. Finally his armor could not be complete with the accessories that give Fenyx power, such as the Heracles bracelet on his right arm and the impressive Daedalus wings that allow him to travel around Golden Island.

The protagonist of Immortals Fenix ​​Rising comes to life with this incredible cosplay

Idéntica | Foto: @PeytonCosplay (Twitter)

What did you think of this cosplay with the protagonist of Immortals Fenyx Rising?


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