“The Real Captain America” ​​- the guy repeated the tricks with the shield and blew up the Internet | Cosplay

The author of the YouTube channel JLaservideo became a real favorite of fans of the Marvel universe after he published a video in which he repeated some tricks with the Captain America’s shield in real life.

In addition to showing off his skills, the guy revealed that his shield is made of carbon fiber with a fiberglass outer ring that provides rebound and maximum durability. There is also a magnet built into the shield so that it can be attached to the wrist.

The video quickly gained popularity and spread on social networks. In just 3 days from the date of publication, the number of views exceeded 3 million, and the number of likes exceeded 160 thousand.

Here’s how YouTube users reacted on the video:

“Welcome to the Captain America Club! I couldn’t have done better myself. I never thought a bouncing shield could work so well! This is a potential real product. I think you should try partnering with Disney to get it into mass production! “

“The government after watching the video is:” HE KNOWS TOO MUCH “”

“This is a great example of energy conservation in a system that does not want impact losses. It’s hard to maintain innate kinetic energy with something so subtle, but heck, I think your solution is cool. Great job! “

“If Marvel uses this shield in films, then they will need to pay less to work with Lmao graphics.”

“What really impressed me was that he didn’t break the XD window.”

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