the recap of the final in GIF and southern acceng

This week, mustaches and salicornia sorbet. This Wednesday, June 9, after months of agony, our country was finally able to savor this long-awaited moment: the French were able to stay on the terrace until 11 p.m. Ah yes, and there was also the final of “Top Chef” !! As a reminder, everything will be played between Sarah and Mohamed. The candidates will have to prepare a gala meal for 70 guests: starter, main course and dessert. Stéphane announces “a real culinary marathon”, an expression that could also qualify a meal at Flunch. But before that, make way for images with which France can really identify: Momo eating fruit with a fork in a room at the George V. As for Sarah, we see her… putting on mascara? Ok. How about curlers, fishnet stockings, and a splash of perfume before you leave the bedroom? And why haven’t we seen Momo do dumbbells or cut his nose hair? READ ALSO Five podcasts for fans of “Top Chef” In short. The final will therefore take place at the George V, the most starred palace in Europe, etc. But above all, it is an opportunity to meet the former candidates, who have returned to support our two finalists. Momo is joined by Chloé (yasss) and Arnaud “Captain Hook”, while Sarah finds Baptiste (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Pauline. On the other hand, the WHO should undoubtedly publish a press release, because “Top Chef” seems to be the starting point of a new worrying epidemic: the French mustaches of the 1940s. Which raises the following questions: why? Who lost a bet? And hasn’t France already suffered enough like that, without in addition all the “Top Chef” candidates launching into a de Gaulle cosplay? Stéphane couldn’t believe it that he replayed the meme with John Travolta. In the end, we pass … Read more on

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