The Russian woman cosplays Scarlett Johansson so that the actress leaves the chat. Even fans can’t tell a clone from a Romanoff

The blogger shot a cosplay for Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow, and fans of Scarlett Johansson couldn’t believe their eyes. Even a devoted fan will not be able to distinguish a girl from an actress. Maybe this is the same Russian original?

Nickname tiktoker content kate_johansson (Katrin Shumskaya) usually got no more than 200 thousand views. But on March 23, the blogger went to the tops with a deposit for the heroine of the action movie “Black Widow”, where the role of Natasha Romanoff was played by American actress Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson

In the first shots, the girl pretended to find a weapon in her jacket pocket, and then in seconds she was reincarnated as a superheroine. The blogger’s image was helped by massive boots, a tight-fitting suit and a red wig that matched the outfit of one of the Avengers.

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After watching the video, the audience understood: Katrin not only cosplays a spy, but also looks like Scarlett Johansson more than the actress herself.

Film fans drew attention to the story of Natasha Romanoff, who, presumably, had connections with the royal family. Many decided that the blogger was not a “clone”, but the original version of a Russian spy.

The girl turned out to be the best double of the celeba, so the commentators gave jokes where Romanoff really masters tiktok.

This is not the first time that users of the platform have found doubles of stars in the “rivers”. Earlier, followers noticed a girl who was filming a video with lip syncing, and asked her to take the catwalk instead of supermodel Bella Hadid.

And the guy who showed how he changed his appearance became a mix of two celeb. One of them is singer Zayn Malik, and he urgently needs to go home (to Bella’s sister – Gigi Hadid).


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