The saddest moments of the Pokémon anime

It has been more than 25 years since the great adventure of Pokémon, being the most successful transmedia saga of all and one of the most successful video game sagas in history. As a result, the franchise has spread to other areas, such as anime.

Well, from Game Rant they have shared what they are for them saddest moments in pokemon anime. Here you have them:

  • Ash and Pikachu defend themselves in the first episode of Pokémon: In the first episode, Ash spends the day trying to persuade a very stubborn Pikachu to go inside a Poké Ball. After they are attacked by a group of Spearows and Pikachu is injured, Ash asks him to get into the Poké Ball for safety. When he refuses, Ash opts to stand in front of the Spearows’ ambush. Pikachu, with the last of his energy, unleashes an attack that saves Ash but they both pass out. The next morning, they wake up with a new trust in each other.
  • Pikachu elige a Ash: The moment before Pikachu decides to go back to Ash is possibly one of the saddest anime scenes of all time. After discovering that Pikachu is happy being with other Pokémon of his kind, Ash decides to release Pikachu into the wild in a selfless move reminiscent of his later episode with Charizard.

  • Ash leaves Charizard in Charirrific Valley.: Anime fans probably remember the episode where Ash leaves Charizard in Charirrific Valley so the latter can get stronger in an episode that broke the collective heart of Pokemon fans. In the final scene, Ash tries to play tough and opts to insult Charizard instead of going through an emotional goodbye, but when he is about to leave for real, he runs away in an effort to hide his tears.

  • Stoutland dies in Pokemon Sun and Moon.: Near the beginning of the Sun & Moon series, Ash meets a wild Litten, which he chooses not to catch after discovering that the Litten is taking care of an older Stoutland, but unfortunately the old Stoutland dies. While fans are more or less prepared for this episode following the introduction of Litten and Stoutland, nothing can prepare viewers for the scene of a confused and distraught Litten scouring the city for his old friend Stoutland.

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