The saga returns to Netflix in anime form

At some point it had to happen. Guillermo del Toro designed the world of Pacific Rim drawing on his childhood memories and his enthusiasm for the anime, setting up an irresistible film that did just what it promised: giant robots beating giant monsters. The Pacific Rim original gave rise to Pacific Rim: Insurrection, sequel directed by Steven S. DeKnight not so celebrated, but it was a matter of time before the conflict between kaijus Y jaegers will jump to other media. Thus, the animated series of Pacific Rim, by subtitle No man’s land, it is ready and about to see the light on Netflix.

While Del Toro seems too busy to return to these struggles (he has planned to release Nightmare Alley this year, although no one is quite sure under what conditions), Pacific Rim: No Man’s Land it is signed by Craig Kyle (screenwriter of Thor: Ragnarok) Y Greg Johnson, being produced by the same Polygon Pictures that in recent years has released three animated feature films of Godzilla on Netflix, all of them directed by Kobun Shizuno e Hiroyuki Seshita. Wow, the Japanese aftertaste that this expansion of Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim: No Man’s Land follows the events of the previous films to focus on the adventures of twin brothers, Taylor and Hayley, during their pilot training. jaeger and the search for his missing father. Netflix has already released a trailer for the series, and announced that we will be able to see it from next March 4. Take a look at the trailer below.


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