The SEA hosts “Sundays on the Prairie”

Alain Klajman, sports assistant for the town of Agen, could be satisfied with the popular success of the entertainment “Sundays on the meadow” reserved for the morning of June 13 at the Société d’Escrime Agenaise (SEA). “It is indeed a great success for this operation which seeks to promote sports associations as well as this site of the canal meadow that athletes are increasingly appropriating” noted the municipal councilor.

“I am particularly proud not to have lost any licensees during all this complicated period. It is true that we have done everything possible, in particular with outdoor skating lessons, to keep the link with our 66 licensees. I therefore do not have to beg for aid from our Federation but we must, as quickly as possible, welcome 80 licensees minimum “confided the president of the SEA, Claire Rigouste. This animation in the meadow of the canal, remarkably well organized by the city of Agen which coordinates the registrations to participate for free, will have attracted about thirty young people who were able, under the watchful eye of the fencing master Paul Grandidier, to multiply the assaults. Note the wide smiles of toddlers who were able to learn how to use a few weapons. There is no doubt that we will see some of them again in the stadium’s Christian Noël weapons room in the coming weeks.

Courses until the end of July

All those who take their license before the summer will be able to keep it until September 2022. “This is a notable effort by the Federation. As for the SEA, we are extending the courses until the end of July and then resuming them at the beginning of September. In June and July, children and adults who wish can come and practice tests during discovery mornings “explained Claire Rigouste.

The recovery is therefore presented under the best auspices for the SEA whose fencing master seems to be, moreover, the most motivated.

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