“The Shining Movie”… Animation’Joe, Tigers and Fish’, popular with visitors

[엑스포츠뉴스 김유진 기자] The animation “Joe, the Tigers, and the Fishes” (director Kotaro Tamura) has been receiving successive praise from viewers after its release.

‘José, Tigers and Fishes’ is a youthful melody that tells the emotional story of José, who was confined in a single room, and Tsuneo, who dreamed of a world on the other side of the world, enduring their fears and trials and growing together.

With bright and lovely characters, stories that give hope and courage, beautiful drawings and refreshing music,’José, Tigers, and Fishes’, which are expected to be released nationwide, are forming word of mouth amid the popularity of audiences.

‘José, Tigers, and Fish’ is a work that brings hope and courage necessary for the era of novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), leading the audience to the theater.

Inudo is spreading a virus of hope in theaters with differentiated fun and excitement with’Joy, Tiger, and Fish’, which is further brightened by character setting and development that is completely different from director Issin’s live-action film.

Audiences who watched’José, Tigers and Fishes’ at the theater have various opinions, such as “I can feel a lot of saying that I can go anywhere with the big wings in my heart”, “The clean direction, the acting of the voice actors, and the good drawings harmonized together to become a trinity”. It is delivering favorable reviews for the movie.

‘José, Tigers and Fish’ is being screened in theaters nationwide.

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