The teenager wanted to become like his beloved comic book heroine and ended up in the hospital: People: From life:

A 15-year-old boy from India wanted to be like the beloved heroine of the comics of the Marvel universe and was hospitalized with non-healing ulcers. About it informs Daily Star.

An unnamed teenager was admitted to a trauma ward in an Indian hospital with “multiple, non-healing ulcers on his left forearm.” Doctors suspected that the boy could inflict such injuries on himself after using “psychoactive substances.” However, the patient explained that he had injected mercury from a home thermometer under his skin in order to become like the beloved heroine from Marvel comics named Mercury.

“Interestingly, in the past, the boy has allowed spiders to bite him many times in order to become like Spider-Man. Surprisingly, he has no mental abnormalities and a normal IQ level, ”the clinic said in a report.

After removing the mercury, the doctors had to give the teenager a skin graft. The patient also has “signs of chronic poisoning,” but doctors expect him to recover completely over time.

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