The teenagers have two mothers, and the old one has already left the chat. After all, stylists rejuvenated a woman with a photo for 10 years

A resident of England decided to radically change her life and began with herself. True, the change is not because of falling in love, but for the sake of her daughter. The teenager now hardly recognizes the mother, because she herself cannot explain where ten years have disappeared from the woman’s face.

A police officer from the British County of Berkshire named Susan got tired of looking at a woman tired of life in the mirror, and she took a step towards change. The Englishwoman got on a television project, the hosts of which promised to change her beyond recognition, writes Daily Mail.

The teenager has two mothers, and the old one is already in the past.  Makeup rewound time for a woman 10 years ago
Susan couldn’t look in the mirror because she considered herself ugly

And it seems that Susan was right, because the program about beauty transformations “Ten Years Younger in Ten Days” really lived up to its name. But where did it all start?

According to 50-year-old Susan, she decided to take on her image because of her children, especially because of her teenage daughter Fay, for whom the woman wanted to be an example. Constant stress at work, family problems and a lack of time for self-care left their mark – the woman could not see her reflection in the mirror.

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While being a police officer involved self-confidence and eternal fortitude, Susan was the complete opposite at home.

I would describe myself as a very sad woman. I don’t like the way I look, especially my body. I feel fat and ugly. I always wear baggy clothes, although I have already lost weight, – said Susan.

As the woman admitted, it seemed to her that her lack of self-confidence negatively affects Fay and makes her daughter worry. That is why the policeman pulled herself together.

The teenager has two mothers, and the old one is already in the past.  Makeup rewound time for a woman 10 years ago
The makeover helped the woman regain her self-confidence

My daughter is 15 years old, I think it’s time to change. I want to be happy in my own skin. I’ve wanted to find the real Sue for a long time. And I need to do this right now for my daughter and the whole family, – explained Susan.

After the work of fashion stylists and a series of beauty treatments, including Botox injections and other cosmetic manipulations, a woman is really difficult to recognize. And she herself did not believe the reflection in the mirror.

I feel like I’m starting to love myself again. I feel like a completely different woman. The one who is happy and self-confident, – the Englishwoman told about her impressions.

The teenager has two mothers, and the old one is already in the past.  Makeup rewound time for a woman 10 years ago
Susan found support in the person of her daughter, son and husband

The result was really obvious. If before the program a woman was constantly overstated by ten years, now those around her see Susan as a lady ten years younger.

The reincarnation of my mother did not leave Fay indifferent either. Seeing the new image of the parent, the girl burst into tears of happiness. It is not surprising, because such a daughter has not seen Susan for a long time.

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