the terrible fate of a ninja of the Leaf

After a long wait, the Kara Organization has finally revealed itself in the animated series as well Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Although two Inner members of the group have already been defeated, this time it is the Leaf Village that has to deal with a very important loss.

Episode 185 of the anime, in fact, sees Team 7 deal with an atrocious reality. Previously, Konohamaru and Mugino had been sent on a mission for investigate a fallen airship in a forest near Konoha. But that same airship is the target of the Kara Organization and the mysterious Kashin Koji has forced one of the Outsiders of the group to go into action and attack the two shinobi of the Leaf. The time has come for Ao to reveal his true traitor nature.

Arrived by chance near the crash site, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki, in the company of the scientist Katasuke, rush to the aid of their teacher and Mugino, previously injured by a group of dangerous puppets. But Ao is far too experienced ninja for Konoha’s young ninja and Team 7 is close to defeat. At that point, with a gesture of extreme nobility, Mugino decides to sacrifice himself to allow his companions to escape from the fight. Away from the battle, Katasuke confesses another terrible truth to his companions. Boruto’s enemy 184 left the fans with bated breath. Among the interiors of the Kara organization of Boruto there seems to be an infiltrator.

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