“The Vampire Secret of the Hiragi Family” – Miki Yoshikawa’s New Manga Launches in October

As part of the event dedicated to the anime adaptation of the manga “Betrothed by the Cuckoo”, it was not revealed new details of the anime, but it was announced that Miki Yoshikawa (“Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”, “Betrothed by the Cuckoo”) would start releasing a new manga. “Family Comedy” titled “The Vampire Secret of the Hiragi Family” (Hiiragi-san Chi no Kyuuketsu Jijou) will be published in October in the monthly Bessatsu Shounen Magazine. The manga will be published in parallel with The Betrothed Cuckoo, which will appear in Weekly Shounen Magazine from January 2020.

After completing Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches in 2017, Yoshikawa released three one-shots in 2019: Tokyo Hell Heavens, Hiiragi-san Chi no Kyuuketsu Jijou) and Betrothed by the Cuckoo. After that, the readers of Weekly Shounen Magazine, using a vote, determined which one-shot would become a full-fledged series. Then the first place was taken by the one-shot “Betrothed by the Cuckoo”, and now the release of the corresponding anime is scheduled for 2022. The manga quickly became popular: the first edition of the first volume was quickly and completely sold out due to high demand, it was reported that sales exceeded the expectations of the publisher and the author. As of August 2020, the first volume of the manga has received eight additional prints.


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