“The Variety Show” ends tonight with brilliant soul singer Jessie J imitation debut is about to hit_program

Original title: “The Variety Big Show” ends tonight with a splendid soul singer Jessie J’s imitation debut is about to hit

Since the launch of the new season of “Big Variety Show”, various topics such as the stage of the show and the appearance of the guests have attracted much attention. In the previous program, Dabai Shen’s group performed nine classic songs in ten minutes, bringing everyone back to the “Golden Decade of Chinese Music”. Hammer Na Lisa partnered with Feng Timo and VAVA to transform into stage queens. The high-energy program allowed the audience to have fun. Full of eye addiction. This Friday (April 16th) at ten o’clock in the evening, “The Variety Show” will come to an end on Hunan Satellite TV. It is a wonderful upgrade, not to be missed.

With the opening of the final “Mould King” night, the much-anticipated imitation champion is about to be born. In the trailer, Mr. He appears as a white crane boy, full of fairy spirit. Vega still continues the characteristics of “head artist” to the end, incarnate the “trophy” of this cup, making people more curious about who the champion will go to. Dai Jun cos with the sea king with the trident in his hand, very domineering. Following the “Prince of Pleasure”, Zeng Yi imitated the anime character Seiya across the dimension. I don’t know what kind of hilarious phrases he will say this time, who is at the tenth level of the local love story?

The lineup of the model viewing group of this program is also very strong. Teacher Ni Ping of the Old Friends Group once again experienced an imitative addiction and appeared on the stage as Qiu Ju. Cai Guoqing challenged the costume styling and imitated the handsome night flower. Feng Zhe and Jiang Yingrong of the championship team imitated the Bull Demon King and the Dugu Queen respectively, and brought their own kingly demeanor as soon as they appeared on the stage. What kind of interaction will the guests from different fields have on the scene? Which model star will they cheer for? let us wait and see!

Da Zhangwei and Bai Kenan’s “Dabai combination” has always been the “golden partner” on the ever-changing stage. From the preview and rehearsal photos, it can be seen that their current program will once again bring the “Variety Forum” that is loved by the audience. The very lively “Babi Cage” in the first issue is still vivid, and in a blink of an eye this is already the ninth lecture of the Variety Forum. Will their performances be innovative? What kind of stalks will the two output?

There is also a pair of happy partners in this season’s “Variety Big Show”, that is the “DL combination” formed by Yang Di and Liu Wei. The images of “Cai Xukun”, “Wang Yibo” and “Naruto” that they have imitated together in the past have left a deep impression on the audience. In the rehearsal stills, the appearance and style of the two are very different. So in the final stage of the competition for the championship, will they still imitate the same person? Will you “touch porcelain” the top stars again?

Sun Jian returns to the ever-changing stage after seven years, and Shen Mengchen challenges difficult dance?

For many old viewers, if there is any regret in this season of “Big Variety Show”, it is that they have not yet seen Sun Jian’s imitating stage. In previous season’s shows, the characters such as “Zhen Huan” and “Queen”, “Green Snake” and “White Snake” that he and Huhu have imitated are not only lifelike in appearance, but also admired by their acting skills. Surprisingly, after seven years of absence, the ever-changing old friend Sun Jian also confirmed that he will return in this episode. Who will Sun Jian imitate this time? Will you cooperate with Huhu on the same stage?

In addition to the old partners familiar to the audience, this episode also has a new “mix and match” combination-Ju Hongchuan, Shen Mengchen and Zhang Haiyu. In the stills, Ju Hongchuan made large-scale physical movements, causing fans to wonder if he was trying to sing and perform. Zhang Haiyu also carried the guitar, and the music atmosphere was full. Shen Mengchen is standing on the semi-circular ball props, seeming to challenge the difficult dance. Which objects did the three imitate? What kind of imitation stage will the first partner bring?

In addition, Liu Ye, Xianzi, Fu Jing and other old friends also returned to the Variety Stage. They have left many stunning stage images in the show, especially Zhang Yuqi imitated by Liu Ye. Not only is the appearance similar, but the facial expressions are also very detailed. So this time Liu Ye will imitate Zhang Yuqi again? With so many sisters who are good at singing and dancing on the same stage, what interesting collisions will there be? It really makes people want to see it!

Yuan Yawei’s deity surprise airborne Jessie J’s imitation object leads to speculation

When it comes to the new friends of this season’s “Variants Show”, I have to mention the outstanding performance of Hammer Na Lisa. Her appearance in this season’s show brought a lot of surprises to the audience. Not only the imitated play is very wide, from “Tenggeer” to “Guo Degang” are vivid; and the singing skills are very superb, from “Deng Ziqi” to “Naying” there is no pressure. Judging from the last episode of the show stills, it seems that Hammerna Lisa will imitate the singer again. I wonder if she can realize her wish after imitating European and American songs on the ever-changing stage?

Another model star, Shen Ling, who has done well in singing, has also imitated many powerful singers this season, and has been airborne by Sa Dingding, Huo Zun and others to “fight against fakes.” And this time, he summoned Yuan Yawei, who was called “the female singer’s ceiling”. Which golden songs will the two sing on the same stage? What kind of soul imitation made Yuan Yawei sigh: “Shen Ling is more like myself than I am”?

Not only that, this week’s “Mould King” night will also have a heavy guest coming, that is the soul singer Jessie J. It is reported that Jessie J will bring her imitation debut this time! As soon as the news came out, netizens began to speculate: “Is it to imitate the Jessie J imitated by Jia Ling?” “The shape seems to be a bit like Shang Wenjie?” However, from the elements such as guitar and sound on the poster, Jessie J’s performance style this time seems to be biased. Rock. Who is she imitating? Wait for the show to air!

What kind of exciting sparks will come out of big coffees from all walks of life gathered together? After a whole season of competition, who will the championship trophy finally belong to? This Friday (April 16th) at 10 pm, lock on the final night of Hunan Satellite TV’s “Variational Big Show”, and witness the birth of the “Mould King” together!Return to Sohu to see more


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