the viral cosplay has nothing to envy to the look of the original Amazon!

wonder woman 1984 -

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She is DC’s best-known superheroine. It entered the DC Extended Universe in 2016 in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice enjoying great success. The result was two cinecomics totally focused on her. We are talking about the character of Wonder Woman, the most famous Amazon in cinema. If you love cosplay, you can’t miss this extraordinary version of Diana Prince for any reason in the world.

Wonder Woman viral cosplay

Putting yourself in Wonder Woman’s shoes doesn’t have to be easy, especially if you have to “replace” one like Gal Gadot. The Chilean cosplayer Fabibi, who is a model in her life, wanted to try and the result was truly incredible: the post reached 30,000 likes in just over 24 hours and immediately became viral. As we can clearly see from the photo, Fabibi wears a costume that looks a lot like what we have seen on the big screen in recent years, complete with a sword and shield.

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