the web to watch movies, series and anime online takes over from Megadede

Last week we told you about the return of Megadede, the famous site for watch movies and series online in Spain that had closed in September 2020, and that comes from a long series of attempts to stay in line with other names such as Plusdede or Pordede.

Now with a new name and after a countdown, several of those in charge of the previous projects have been relaunched as Playdede, a site that maintains the same style offering content and lists that users of previous websites can upload.

It can only be accessed by creating an account

Playdede 2

From anyone can register with an email account to be able to access the site. The operation is the same as the previous portals although it has a different design.

Nothing as such is hosted on the same website but there is a video player that accesses external links, of those there will be more or less options depending on what you choose.

All the content they link is in Spanish, but a few of the things have dead links, or use video servers with NSFW ads that cannot be skipped before starting a video, so keep that in mind when you go to watch something on the site.

The web is less than 24 hours online, so it may take a while to fill in those links and add more content. For users who always suffer every time they close one of these sites, it is time to take advantage of this new version while it lasts.

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