The world of cosplay

Cosplay, short for Play Costume, is very popular in Asian countries. To Western eyes it may seem like an absurd dress-up, but make no mistake. For cosplayers it is serious business, a form of performance art where participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to show a specific character, often Japanese animated characters. Cosplayers often work together to create a subculture based on role play. The rapid growth in the number of people having cosplay as a hobby has made the phenomenon an important aspect of popular culture in a number of Asian countries. The number of cosplayers is also growing steadily in Malaysia. This video shows four members of the lively club at KDU University College, a prestigious university in Kuala Lumpur. They are four students, three girls and a boy. They look very shy – some with glasses and hair covering their eyes. They giggle and are a bit nervous when they say they like gaming and sewing. But as soon as they started with make up, wigs and suits, they underwent a complete transformation, both externally and internally. Step by step you see the first removed students become extroverted to change egos. Once finished, they changed beyond recognition. They say who they are again, but now with their suits on. Full of confidence, a stronger voice and completely within the elements.

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