Thelma Aoyama, a singer who looks exactly like the “Apex Legends” lifeline, is finally cosplaying. Can also be used as a free material | AUTOMATON

“Apex Legends” is about to start Season 8. Meanwhile, it seems that the domestic celebrity “that person” is also playing a role in boosting the community. That person is the domestic singer Thelma Aoyama. An artist who specializes in high-tone singing voices that produced hits such as “Soba ni Iru ne” and “Nandomo”. Taking advantage of his familiar character, he has also appeared in variety shows as a talent. She has been pointed out to be similar to the characters in “Apex Legends” for a long time, but she has finally attracted attention for actually cosplaying.

Mr. Aoyama has a reputation for being “just like” the fighting medic, Lifeline. It is a legend characterized by excellent support capabilities such as recovery drones and care package calls. In the most recently announced winning percentage ranking by legend, it ranked in 4th place (related article). It is also in the top 5 in terms of pick rate, and is a legend that is treated by a wide range of people from beginners to advanced players. By the way, speaking of the legend of “Apex Legends”, one of the attractions is the appearance of characters of various races. Lifelines are said to be of Jamaican descent (although the stage of this work is not exactly the Earth). Its roots are strongly demonstrated by its brown skin, red hair, and the English version, which speaks in English with a Latin American accent.

With that in mind, it is no wonder that Mr. Aoyama is pointed out to be similar to a lifeline. Because he is a Trinidad and Tobago and Japanese quarter. Although he is from Nara prefecture, one of his roots is in the same Caribbean system as the lifeline. In addition, Mr. Aoyama’s clear eyes, plump lips, and preference for bright hair color seem to have spurred “lifeline-like”. So let’s take a look at his cosplay image again. Not only the facial features, but also the characteristic bun hair and IV pack are completely reproduced.

This post is clearly stated to be a PR project and is linked to the official Apex Legends account. In other words, the recognition that “Lifeline ≒ Mr. Thelma Aoyama”, which had become a fan-based net meme, has finally been officialized. In the stories seen on Mr. Aoyama’s Instagram top, the state at the time of studio shooting is also released. You can get a glimpse of the serious shooting scenery that reproduces the pose while comparing it with the original material image of the lifeline. In addition, poses at the time of injury are also uploaded, and it is written that it can be used freely as a free material.


If you look closely, the trademark “Toradai” bandana is marked with “Therma”.

As for the lifeline in the game these days, the win rate and pick rate are high, and there is a lot of discussion about its performance. In particular, the care package call, which was once the biggest feature, is not well received because it is inferior to the Rover’s black market assortment in the current environment. According to John Larson, designer Jay Biebs, who is responsible for balancing the legend, he is considering making adjustments to strengthen her ultimate in the future. However, it requires multiple tests and feedback to run, and it seems unlikely that there will be any major adjustments to her in the near future.

In addition, lifeline voice actor Mela Lee also posted a photo of Ajai style with a similar hairstyle. The sharply raised outer corners of the eyes and the well-shaped eyebrows look exactly like the person himself. The medic girl is also very popular in the cosplay area, so if you are interested, you should check it out.

By the way, Thelma Aoyama’s artist name is his real name, and Thelma means “strong will”. At the same time as expressing his style with a straight singing voice, it may overlap with the appearance of the lifeline facing the battle for humanity.

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