[Theme song]TV Waccha Primagi! Theme song “Dreaming Sound” / Anna Suzuki Anime Edition

Included benefits: Majipuri Card QR (planned) (first time) / Anime wrapping specification (first time)

* It will end as soon as the initial specifications are exhausted. please note that.
* If you place an order together with a product with a different release date or an ordered product, it may not be possible to prepare the initial specifications and initial benefits at the time of shipment. Please be careful.

The CD booklet of the anime version comes with a gift code that allows you to print the coordination card for the amusement game “Waccha Primagi!”!
You can get a special color ver. Of the outfit of Kokoro Remon played by Anna Suzuki!

* It can be used in “Watcha Primaji! Chapter 2”.


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