These are all the versions that exist of Serena in Sailor Moon

Along the Sailor Moon we have been able to meet different versions of its protagonist: Serena Tsukino. This is because the giddy student and young warrior is actually a character who can resurrect in times of greatest need.

In this way, Naoko Takeuchi has offered us different incarnations of the Sailor Senshi, being the ones that we are about to show you all that have been seen both in the anime and in the manga.

Princesa Serenity

Princess Serenity is the oldest known incarnation of Serena in Sailor Moon. She was to be the heir to the Millennium Kingdom, but after the attacks by Neherenia and Beril, two of the most powerful villains in the series, the Princess died in battle (of course, only in the first anime, because in Sailor Moon Crystal and in the manga she committed suicide). Thanks to the Silver Crystal, his mother, Queen Serenity, managed to protect her soul so that it would reincarnate whenever the Universe faced grave danger.

serena sailor moon princesa serenety

The princess of the Millennium Kingdom | Image: Toei Animation

Serena Tsukino

Serena Tsukino is chronologically the second version of the character in the series, as it is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, although it was the first we met in the work of Naoko Takeuchi. She is a giddy but caring high school student who, after an unexpected accident, awakened the cosmic powers that reside within her to fight the forces of evil.

serena sailor moon tsukino personaje

A giddy but caring student | Image: Toei Animation

Neo-Reina Serenity

This being, more than a new version of the character, is the Serena Tsukino of the future, the woman she will at some point become. This being is one of the more powerful that exist in everything Sailor Moon, since after hundreds of years of learning he has managed to control the strength of Silver Crystal. Neo-Queen Serenity is married to Endymion (better known as Tuxedo Mask), with whom she had a little girl who we would later know as Sailor Chibi Moon.

serena sailor moon neo-reina serenity

A being that has managed to master the power of the Silver Crystal | Image: Toei Animation

Sailor Cosmos

This is one of the most mysterious characters to have appeared in Sailor Moon and the image we have of her is due to the manga, because in the anime she has never appeared. Sailor Cosmos came from a future where Chaos has devoured everything, which prompted him to search the past for its origin in order to stop it in time. It has not been clear if it is a version of the future of Serena, or a new reincarnation of the same, but what was evident is the enormous divine power that it possesses.

serena sailor moon sailor cosmos

The most powerful version of the character | Image: Toei Animation

As you may have noticed, throughout Sailor Moon We have seen different versions of Serena Tsukino, who has shown that she will always be there, in the moments of greatest need: ready to face the most powerful enemies.

And you, did you know all the versions of Serena in Sailor Moon?


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