This Borderlands cosplayer brings “The Fall of Handsome Jack” to life in an incredible cosplay

The cosplay community is one that I will never cease to amaze. The sheer love and dedication that goes into creating our own twists on some of the most beloved characters in games, movies, and television is both breathtaking and inspiring. What’s also inspiring is this Borderlands cosplayer’s version of “Fall of Handsome Jack” because I was sure it was a screenshot at first glance.

The cosplay account is actually a duo, Mary and Feinbobi, a couple who usually cosplay together when they bring their love of gaming to the forefront. The pair have even done a few Borderlands cosplays together, but this one focuses solely on the villain we hate to love and love to hate: Handsome Jack himself.

Mary and Feinobi cosplay

I’ve covered quite a few of this couple’s cosplay conquests in the past and have been following the couple on Instagram for a few years. Seeing how they manipulate makeup and special effects, along with expertly designed lighting and scene settings, has been an incredible journey. While I don’t think he has the patience to get to their skill level, it’s always surprising to see what new creative visions they come up with next. And this Handsome Jack cosplay? Almost enough to make me feel bad for the character. Almost.

Mary and Feinobi cosplay

Photos captured by Photograph by Aleksander just add to the magic of this particular Borderlands tribute, creatively using lighting, shadows, and angles to set the scene. It’s a beautiful tribute even if there isn’t a Butt Stallion in sight.

Interested in seeing more of this cosplay duo? Check out his Instagram page right here! You can also shop around at their Etsy shop if you’re feeling that cosplay itch too.

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