This cosplayer does body paint cosplays, the result is amazing

The practice of playing a pop culture character assuming the appearance of cosplay has been in vogue for many, many years. Often times, fans buy specific costumes and accessories, while the more motivated do it all themselves, for personalized results. But it is possible to go even further, to obtain increasingly impressive results. So, are you familiar with the work of cosplayer AlienTrashKitty?

cosplay, a fashion art

Often visible at conventions or trade shows, especially in video games, lCosplay is a real cultural phenomenon. Looking like the emblematic characters of a universe that we love has today become a hobby like any other. And where some are content to simply don a jumpsuit and a cap to look like Mario and make their friends laugh, others really put their hearts to work.

Therefore, some achievements take hours to complete, for a performance that is sometimes a bluff of realism. The cosplayer AlienTrashKitty, like many of her friends, shares her creations on her social networks. But recently, he offers particularly impressive cosplays, all with body paint.

Weekly cosplays for increasingly impressive results

For Anglophobes, body painting refers to the art of body painting, and this is what AlienTrash Kitty regularly practices for some of their cosplays. On October 24, he published his first photo on Instagram after a body painting session and announced that every week his subscribers would be entitled to a new project of this type.

Therefore, she kept her word and posted photos of a new cosplay every week while wearing body paint. After adopting a half-zombie, half-human appearance in more than five hours of work, it revealed new and even more impressive images. In these, we can see her, literally, in She-Venom’s shoes, the wife of the famous symbiote from the Marvel universe.

If the result was already particularly impressive, it did not stop there, and since then He proposed his versions of a ninja turtle, or Emily, the late bride at Tim Burton’s brilliant funeral wedding.

For those who want to know how a body painting session develops, know thatAlienTrashKitty performs their transformations every weekend live on Twitch!

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