This cosplayer imagines what James from Team Rocket would be like if he were a woman and you’re going to love him

The Team Rocket has been present in the Pokémon universe since the beginning, its main objective has been capture Ash’s Pikachu, something they have never been able to ever achieve.

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However, without this pair behind the Ash group the adventures would not be the same. Therefore, despite being the antagonists, they have a large number of fans around the world, and one of them known as Nymphopixieof on Instagram has personified James through a majestic cosplay applying a awesome gender swap. Below you can see every detail.

In the photograph you can see that the artist presents the Team Rocket official outfit, a tight black shirt and over it a white top with the letter R in the center.

The lower part has the same design, the only relevant change is the hair, since it is blue color but is much longer. In a hilarious way, the artist wanted to reflect that she had captured Pikachu. If you want to see more of this team, check out this fan art of Team Rocket with a different look.

How did you like this James cosplay?

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