This cosplayer turns into Tobi from Naruto in an impressive way

Tobi, better known as Obito, has been one of the best villains that the Naruto series has been able to receive. From the discovery of his true identity, when the public only knew that he was a mysterious being posing as Madara, to the revelation of what happened after his death, has made a dent in the followers of shonen ninjas. And it is that his memory is still very much alive among the most staunch fans, which is why they do not stop creating tributes in the form of illustrations or even cosplays that bring the character to life.

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A few days ago we saw a fantastic drawing that sums up one of the hardest moments that Kakashi and Obito had to go through. This renegade ninja and member of Akatsuki has returned with a female cosplay from Goth-Baby.

Tobi from Naruto from r/cosplaygirls

This character has brought great fights to Naruto’s plot, was the cause of the events that occurred at the birth of the protagonist and was responsible for starting the fourth ninja war. If you want to see an animation that summarizes one of the most anticipated clashes, we recommend the following post.

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