This Denji Cosplay Will Make You Love Anime Even More

Chainsaw Man“is something that, unless MAP hits hard, it has the potential to become one of the new top references in the manga and anime industry. Yes, the paper format at this point is already known, successful and has had many on tenterhooks for months until it became known when would you start your part 2. But the work of Tatsuki Fujimoto It has the potential to be really great, and they keep reminding it of that. many cosplayers in fact.

This Denji cosplay could perfectly be for a Chainsaw Man live-action

The last to show it is u/Ampersanderswho has pulled off a spectacular Denji cosplay to amaze all “Chainsaw Man” fans:

chainsaw man cos

I think the only thing that can be said about this cosplay is that it is totally awesome. Best of all, the author, in the publication, points out that he needs ‘some adjustments’, to which most users have responded that they do not know what can be done to achieve a better result in photography. And I agree, lighting above all gives a very spectacular final result.

Unfortunately, at this point we still have no news about the “Chainsaw Man” anime, and hence a few weeks ago my buddy Miguel decided to talk about how impressive one of the various arcs of the manga is. He then left you with the article that he published at the time:

Sinopsis de Chainsaw Man

Denji is a young man who can do anything to get money, including hunting demons in the company of his dog Pochita. He is about a character deep in debt and living a very simple life, until he is betrayed by someone he trusts. Filled with rage and with demonic power within him, Denji becomes someone else entirely: Chainsaw Man.

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