This female Eren cosplay from Attack on Titan is sure to blow your mind

Eren Jaeger, we all know who is the main protagonist of Attack the titans, originally known as Shingeki no Kyojin. But now we have a very different perspective on this character. Earlier, we learned that the Attack on Titan series shows who actually killed Eren’s mother. But going back to this cosplay that we bring you today, this cosplayer shows us a personification of Eren in a female version that looks very interesting.

Ereh… come home.. from cosplaygirls

How can you see, this Reddit user, has published an image where we can see this cosplayer recreate Eren in a female version that we are sure will surprise more than one fan. Eren Jaeger As the main protagonist and one of the most beloved of the series, he deserves a cosplay that lives up to his importance, and this cosplay brings it all together to look fantastic.

The suit has an improved appearance and the whole outfit maintains the essence of the character that we have enjoyed so much during the evolution of the series. Tell us! What do you think of this cosplay from Eren Jaeger in its female version?

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