This female Hyoga cosplay will leave you cold

Hyoga, one of Athena’s knights most cool of all the anime of Saint Seiya just come alive in a new cosplay that will leave you frozen to the roots.

Not long ago cosplayer Agatha shared on her Instagram account one of the characterizations of the anime of Saint Seiya most shocking we have seen recently, but above all respects the original attire of the great Swan Knight, while carrying out the choreography of one of the most iconic powers of the character: the dustooooo diamondeeeeeee.

According to Agatha herself, the development of her cosplay Hyoga was almost as long as the pandemic itself. The artist was working on her characterization for at least five months until the project was finally finished. “I tried a technique to strengthen the armor,” he says, but it didn’t work. And despite the fact that she regrets not having found a better place for her photographic session, since she herself considers her images “monotonous”, her results show care and dedication.

Here is Hyoga’s cosplay:

Cosplay Hyoga Knights of the Zodiac

A Saint Seiya cosplay that will leave you cold. | Photo: molecularagatha / Instagram

Cosplay Hyoga Saint Seiya

Polvooooooo de diamanteeeeeee. | Photo: molecularagatha / Instagram

Agatha says that Hyoga is one of her favorite bronze knights, but her repertoire of characters also includes cosplay from the manga of Sailor Moon, Death Note, Dragon Ball and even characters from Marvel. She is a master of cosplay.

What did you think of her Hyoga cosplay?


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