This female Quicksilver cosplay blends the best of the multiverse

The multiverse of Marvel is more real than ever and to everyone’s surprise it was inaugurated by the very Quicksilver in the series of WandaVision. And now that anything is possible, as fast as Quicksilver just got a cosplay Pietro Maximoff female.

The last chapter of WandaVision inaugurated the multiverse of Marvel with the inclusion of a character from the X-Men, from 20th Century Fox, in the Marvel Studios universe. Everything exploded in an unexpected plot twist And, after all, what we were all waiting for was confirmed.

In two alternate universes the Pietro Maximoff of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Wanda’s real brother (who died in the movie Age of Ultron), along with the version of Peter Maximoff played by Evan Peters in the later films of the X-Men. Peter appeared in the last chapter of WandaVision just when the relationship between Wanda and Vision seemed to have suffered a fracture.

Vision let Wanda know that he doesn’t trust her, while the Scarlet Witch confessed that she is not even aware of when it all started. What the heck is happening? The chapter left more doubts than answers, but brought with it the arrival of Peter to the MCU and that’s more than enough, for now.

The cosplay Quicksilver was made by artist Kim Katt and you won’t know the difference:

Cosplay Quicksilver

A cosplay worthy of a multiverse. | Photo: gyarmati_sandor / Instagram

Cosplay femenino Quicksilver

Identical, right? | Photo: kimmiekattcosplay / Instagram

We do not yet know what repercussions Peter’s arrival in WandaVision, but what is a fact is that the multiverse could turn into a true madness that would open the doors to any possibility, or whatever you can imagine.

What did you think of this cosplay feminine of Quicksilver?


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