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This is a role-playing game

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This is a role-playing game written by Hei Libra, updated at 21:44 on July 31, 2021.

[ThisisthecornerSellPlay game
Under the guidance of the icosahedron dice and the character card, Lin Huaizhen, who was born in the interstellar era, started his hornSellPlaying games.
He became the first demon hunter, and after all his hardships, he finally managed to return to reality.Hung, But was surprised to find that there was an impact on the world that he did not remember in reality.cowryFar away Demon Hunter Organization!
This is not just a game, this is not a dream, this is a time and space shuttle called game that affects the past and the future.
He was the original demon hunter and the origin of the blood race.
He is an alchemist who sacrifices the sage’s stone, and he is also arottenThe knifemaker of the blade.
He is the super power at duskprofitWho is also a mercenary who runs under the shadows.
Lin Huai is really just an ordinary person, he thinks so.


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