This is how Minato, Naruto’s father, looks in real life

Naruto’s father is one of the strongest and most skilled ninja in Konoha’s history. To honor him, a cosplayer wanted to pay tribute to Minato with an absolutely insane cosplay. It has a wonderful appearance, thanks to its creation, which does not lack even the smallest detail, we can see a very young version of Naruto’s father, this is how it would be if we passed him on the street -or in the forest- in real life. And we assure you that you are not prepared to see the result of this great work.

The story of Minato in the Naruto manganime is very tragic, but it is the story of a man who fights until his last breath to sacrifice himself for his people. That is why many fans of Naruto, like this cosplayer, dedicate many tributes to him like the one we are going to see next, since they keep a huge affection for the character and for his history throughout all the years that Naruto takes action in the world of manganime.

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An epic Minato cosplay!

The cosplayer @migo_mii Instagram has published a photograph – very well edited by the way – of his cosplay of Minato, the fourth Hokage and father of Naruto. You can see the result below these lines, but we already anticipate that it will not leave you indifferent, as it seems the flesh and blood version of the character, a superb transformation that will leave you speechless.

What do you think about this splendid cosplay of the fourth Hokage? And what do you think about the character of Minato? Let us know in the comments or on our social networks.

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