This is how Samus Aran reacted to the announcement of Metroid Dread

In a video, a Metroid cosplayer reacts to the announcement of the game Metroid Dread.

How did you like the announcement of Metroid Dread, the first 2D Metroid game in 19 years? The first game scenes haven’t completely convinced me yet, but I think it’s cool that we can finally look forward to a 2D Metroid again after such a long time.

The following video shows how Samus Aran, the game’s heroine, reacts to this announcement. Here we see the cosplayer “Bonbon” who disguised himself as Samus Aran and then created a reaction video for the announcement – a pretty funny idea if you ask me.

In the video, his excitement can be clearly seen despite the suit. Apart from that, on-screen texts like “Really?”, “My heart is racing” and “It’s good to be alive!” faded in to convey further emotions.

Here is the video:

Metroid Dread is slated for release on October 8th for the Nintendo Switch.

About this Link you get to the official site of the game.

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We think that:
It’s a fun idea. It’s impressive how much energy some fans put into their hobby.


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