This is one of the most perfect Attack on Titan cosplays you’ll see today

Attack on Titans from its first chapter has been able grab the attention of thousands of anime lovers, becoming the sensation especially in Japan.

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And as expected, it has a large number of fans, and one of its followers has wanted to pay tribute to one of the characters most loved by the community known as Mikasa.

The work that you will see next is thanks to the professional cosplayer known by the name of Farahcosplay on Reddit, who has personified your favorite character from the anime Attack on Titan in a perfect and admirable way.

My Mikasa cosplay! from ShingekiNoKyojin

As you can see, the artist shows traits and characteristics similar to the official versionincluding: short, straight black hair, red neck scarf, signature “Recruit Troops” vest and iconic harness for wearing three-dimensional maneuvering equipment.

What is your favorite character from Attack on Titan?

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