This is what the protagonists of My Hero Academia would look like if they were Pokémon trainers

Within the community of anime lovers it has become quite popular create unified illustrations of your favorite series, and although this type of crossovers are not official, the result is worthy of admiration.

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For this reason, one of the followers of the Pokémon anime and My Hero Academia has decided to make a incredible fan art where he has been able to perfectly mix these two franchises. The result is simply phenomenal!

I made Pokemon Trainer sprites for MHA characters: Deku, Uraraka, Denki, Tsuyu, Bakugo, and Aizawa 🙂 from BokuNoHeroAcademia

In the illustration you can see certain main characters of My Hero Academia being Pokémon masters. These have been paired with some Pokémon creatures, especially those that resemble in strength and power. The picture shows Deku with Riolu, Aizawa with Malamar, Uraraka with Clefairy, Tsuyu with Politoed, Denki with Pikachu, and Bakugou with Typhlosion.

What is your favorite partner?

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