this Knight Link cosplay from Breath of the Wild is breathtaking

For now more than three decades, The Legend of Zelda enchanting lovers of video game escape thanks to ever more epic epics. The latest original adventure is none other than Breath of the wilda title that has won unanimous support from players and critics alike. To pay homage to this cult title, a cosplayer wanted to recreate one of the game’s armors, a breathtaking cosplay.

ganon better watch out

Dance Breath of the wild, Link wakes up from his long slumber with a completely empty inventory. Although the first zone of the game allows him to get his hands on makeshift equipment, the Hylian must confine himself to weak weapons and armor. Goal by advancing in the game, the player will realize that a slew of equipment is hiding everywhere on the map. Whether waiting impatiently in chests or at merchants, these pieces of equipment allow Link to benefit from bonus differences.

Following the main plot of the game, Link is led to visit the village of Elith. A peaceful village in which there is a shop. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But this shop will be an opportunity for the “young” adventurer to put his hand on new pieces of equipment. Two sets of weapons are for sale: le set “Soldat” is available for 630 rubles, as well as the set “Hylien” for 270 rubles. The “Soldier” set, which gives Link the appearance of a knight of Hyrule, is also found in the game. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

A set to which the French cosplayer Cecilosaurus has been giving life for several months now. A project that the creator shares regularly on her Instagram page, with new photos that are particularly attractive.

Completed at 90% 3 weeks ago, this cosplay must be closed.

Cecilosaurus will be sure to post new photos of the cosplay once the cosplay is completely finished. The first images make you want to, we hope that the final result will be as successful as her previous cosplays. All of the cosplayer’s creations can be found right here.

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