This Lum cosplay will take you to another planet

Rumiko Takahashi made her debut many years ago in the manga world. The one who is now one of the most famous and talented veterans of the Japanese comics sector proposed herself to the general Japanese public on Weekly Shonen Sunday with Lum, a series that lasted many years and that has gained a lot of popularity.

The series, however, debuted in the distant 70s, with the manga that was followed by the anime. It has therefore been a long time since we last saw Lum on the screen with a new and unreleased product. 2022 will break this stalemate with the new anime of Lum, announced as a surprise and that will bring the alien in the brindle costume all over the world with unreleased episodes.

Fans can’t wait and all Lum’s fan art proves it. The network is full of tributes to the series, but there are not only the images, but also photos created by some cosplayers, especially Japanese. We present one of these today: Go6262 presented its at a recent Japanese fair Lum cosplay, reproducing Ataru’s beautiful suitor with her striped yellow and black costume, horns on her teal hair and eyes of the same color. A nice way to welcome one of the souls back into the ranks of souls Rumiko Takahashi classics.

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