This Naruto cosplay would be perfect for a live action

We know that adaptations Live Action of almost always end up being terrible, however, we do not lose hope, even with NarutoWell, although it has not reached the cinema, it has done so through the theater.

We have had terrible experiences with Dragon Ball y Avatar (The Last Airbender, not the movie Avatar by James Cameron), and how to dream does not cost anything, then we leave you an incredible| That could give you hope again, or at least blow your imagination away.

The cosplayer nikkosplay presents us with his version of one of the weirdest ninjas of all time, not because his techniques are outlandish or because his infiltration methods are the best, but because he literally screams ‘I’m here’ with his attitude and the particular orange color of his suit.

A great Naruto cosplay

During the series Naruto, the protagonist showed great development thanks to Masashi Kishimoto, author of this story, as he gave him different arcs where he faced many situations that made him forge character and thus become an essential and important part of the Leaf Village.

In this cosplay we can see a fairly faithful representation of the character during the arc Shippuden, which arguably is like the ‘second season’ where we see a bigger and more mature Naruto compared to the first episodes he starred in.

How you remember, Shippuden It was well received by the audience, especially for the design of the characters that, despite being very marked compared to their visual appearance when they were just newbies, kept their basic essence so that we could all identify with them.

As you can see, the costume, the hair, the details of the band that shows his village and the expression on his face are to the point that they make us think that a live action adaptation may not be a bad idea, despite the impossible let it sound right now.

Although the adventures centered on this ninja are arguably over, his legacy continues on Boruto, the new series that is currently broadcast on the channel TV Tokyo and officially in Latin America, where we can see him once he realized his dream of becoming Hokage.

Boruto follows the life and adventures of the son of the Seventh Hokage, giving us a different view of how the Hidden Leaf Village has advanced after the Fourth Ninja War that would change the history of all nations as we know it.

Would you dare to see a live action series of Naruto?

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