This Noelle Sirena cosplay is spectacular

Black Clover“is, like all traditional shonen, a story that revolves around a series of characters whose power increases as they face more powerful enemies, which in turn ends up leaving transformations or states of power for each of their figures. Precisely, Noelle is one of the faces that is most capable of increasing her combat capacity through alternative forms.

Noelle shines in a spectacular Black Clover cosplay

Today, the cosplayer maywedacosplay brings us precisely a “Black Clover” cosplay consisting of Noelle’s original mermaid form:

With this cosplay I feel that the materials should first be appreciated as poor and therefore not too spectacular, and yet the reality is that I see it as one of a very clean finish. Not only that, but the location used for photography, it helps to highlight what should take center stage in cosplay: the physical form of a mermaid.

If anyone is more interested in knowing news of “Black Clover” and not so much in secondary things like this type of cosplays … well I have bad news, or I have no news that amounts to the same thing. We are still at the same point as a few months ago: the anime is stopped in the absence of the issuance of His first movie, which unfortunately doesn’t even have a release window at the moment.

Andnopsis de Black Clover

“In a world where magic is everything, an orphan villager incapable of using any kind of magical power pretends to become nothing more and nothing less than the king of wizards. And although everyone takes him for a frustrated madman With firefighter ideas, he may end up finding his chance. “

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