this Piccolo cosplay has a very powerful aura

Piccolo is certainly one of the most famous characters in Dragon Ball, the Namek we met in Italy with the name Junior by virtue of the historical dubbing of Mediaset. The demon sees as the son of the Great Little Wizard was initially an enemy, but was later found to be an alien, triggering a whole series of discoveries.

Slowly he loses his role as antagonist and becomes an ally of the protagonists of Dragon Ball, even becoming a sort of father for Gohan. Although he is a strong warrior, in Dragon Ball Super he loses his role a bit and instead becomes a mentor for the younger ones, despite Piccolo himself not being that old.

However, he remains a warrior with a very powerful aura who shows off in the most suitable fights for him. Cosplayer Claude Xavier has decided to go green and wear the very heavy white and purple clothes of the Namek. The Piccolo, or Junior cosplay if you prefer, below it replicates all the powerful aura of the warrior from Dragon Ball Super. The green skin and pink growths are part of the transformation, which ended with the famous fluttering white cloak, the white and purple turban headdress, and the purple tunic also inherited from Gohan.

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