This place in the memory of Shanghainese is also going to be a goodbye?Used book market and snack bar attract nostalgia_ 东方

Original title: This place in the memory of Shanghainese is also going to be a goodbye?Old book market and snack bar attract nostalgia

On April 16, a reporter from the Morning News came to the Confucian Temple, which was about to start its reconstruction and expansion. As a cultural landmark in Shanghai’s Old Town Xiang, I believe everyone has full memories of this place. Although it is not as lively as it used to be, there are still many people here.

Anime fans come here to buy models and get together with friends, and foodies come to taste the taste of childhood. The smoke and flames are still there, healing people’s hearts.

I still remember that the old book market in the Confucian Temple was always very lively. From the entrance of Lianxing Gate to the entrance of Dacheng Hall, it was vast and full of book stalls. Everyone likes to shop for out-of-print comics, used books, food stamps, etc. And so on can be found here. Now the used book market has moved elsewhere, but many interesting books and gadgets can still be found.

Snacks at the Temple of Literature are also very popular. Crispy chicken, tenderloin, etc., are the favorites of old Shanghainese!

Although a little bit reluctant, everyone is more looking forward to the Confucian Temple that will come back! Quickly tell me what the Confucian Temple in your memory is like?

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