this Saitama cosplay is just perfect

If you consider yourself a true fan of the manga and / or anime One Punch-Man, you cannot miss this version of its main character carried out by a popular Instagram cosplayer known as @sacha_pol.

Sacha has put on a nice superhero costume and has gone out – despite the cold – to delight us with some photographs of her saitama cosplay. Read on for a few poses and a few nods to One Punch-Man that this cosplayer has given us.

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Here’s one of the best Saitama cosplays we’ve ever seen!

As you can see for yourself, the cosplayer does not need a fake bald spot to look like Saitama, and although he is physically a little wider than the protagonist of One Punch-Man, his cosplay is absolutely great.

Saitama cosplay
Saitama cosplay.

This is my Saitama cosplay 👊😎👊 from r/OnePunchMan

In addition, on his Instagram the cosplayer shows us some photos with his cosplay with some Very cool references to One Punch-Man: shopping at the supermarket, coming home with a bag of vegetables …

What did you think of this great Saitama cosplay? Is One Punch-Man one of your favorite anime?

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