three pieces of information that animated the debate in the first round

The debate of the first round of the regional elections brought together 8 leading candidates out of the 9 in contention. Among the subjects debated: the future Castres-Toulouse motorway and layoffs in aeronautics. France 3 verified and recontextualized the statements of the candidates.

The great debate of the first round of the regional elections was broadcast on France 3 Occitanie on Wednesday June 9, live from Mirepoix, in Ariège. For an hour and a half, each of them was able to defend their program. Sensitive subjects were discussed. France 3 listened to the speech of each candidate and wanted to verify certain information they brought to viewers.

Castres-Toulouse motorway: “It will happen”

The outgoing president of the Region, Carole Delga (PS), answered questions from our journalists concerning the project of the future A69 motorway which would link Castres to Toulouse.

The State launched the call for projects. So the companies have submitted their offers. […] In a few weeks, the government will decide on the company that will carry out this work. The Occitanie Region has pledged to pay 60 million euros. This highway, it will be done. So the candidates who indicate that it will not happen is lying.

Carole Delga, outgoing president (PS). List “L’Occitanie en commun”

As the leading candidate of the Socialist Party clarified, the Occitanie Region is not competent for decisions concerning the construction of transport infrastructure. It is only responsible for their management, particularly in rail or air matters. The motorway link project between Castres and Toulouse is supported by the State.

The Occitanie Region is supporting the project mainly because of its interest in opening up the south of the Tarn“, specifies the communication service of the Region.

According to the cabinet of the Minister of Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, the project consists of two parts.

  • The existing A680 ramp between the A68 and Verfeil will be built by the current ASF concessionaire.
  • The A69 link project between Verfeil and Castres is at the “preliminary studies” stage. Its cost is estimated at 470 million euros.

The firm specifies that a concession, with competition is in progress. A subsidy has been calculated and is estimated at 228 million euros, according to the Occitanie Region. It will be funded 50% by the State and 50% by local communities.
The Region is committed to participating in the amount of 59.5 million euros, as specified by the candidate and outgoing president. The Tarn department will finance 31 million euros and the Haute-Garonne department 3.5 million euros.

The winner should be appointed in the coming months for a contract signing by early 2022, allowing the commissioning of the motorway currently envisaged in 2025.“, declares the office of the Minister of Transport.

Carole Delga also expressed her desire to create a tax on motorway concessions, “who make huge profits using the public domain“. Only the State has authority over the creation of taxes on these private companies.
Regional President, Carole Delga has and therefore would have no power in this area. Perhaps she meant to say that she supported this nationally-driven proposal?

“Derichebourg made redundant. Now they want to take over those made redundant with a much lower contract.”

To illustrate the political programs and the personality of the leading candidates, France 3 asked each of them to make a “selfie” video (note: video taken in self-portrait with a smartphone) on the theme of their choice, with the only constraint: not to exceed 50 seconds. Malena Adrada, head of the Lutte Ouvrière list, has chosen to denounce the layoffs made by the Airbus subcontractor: Derichebourg.

Everyone swears by aeronautics. But a few months ago, I spoke with a friend who works for the Airbus subcontractor: Derichebourg. He told me that the company made redundancies, lowered wages for those who remained. Now, they want to take over the licensees with a contract that is far below. That revolts me! This illustrates well what capitalist society is and it fully justifies the communist and revolutionary commitment.

Malena Adrada (LO). List “Making the workers’ camp heard”

Let’s recontextualize. In 2020, the major Airbus subcontractor company is in difficulty in the face of the health crisis. To save jobs, a collective performance agreement is offered to the company’s 1,600 employees. It provides for the elimination of social benefits, in particular transport and meal allowances, and the abandonment of the 13th month for employees who earn more than 2.5 times the minimum wage. More than 160 employees refuse to sign this agreement. They were therefore made redundant.

The top candidate LO accuses the company of rehiring dismissed employees with lower status and lower wages. According to a article published on June 8 in the journal Permanent Revolution, several dismissed have returned to the company but on an interim basis.

We tried to verify this information this Thursday, June 10. According to a source close to the UNSA union in Derichebourg, no dismissed person has been rehired: “The UNSA union was not aware of this. A next point will be made at the end of June and may make it possible to identify the people concerned”. For its part, the company Derichebourg Aeronautics, contacted by France 3, has so far not responded to our requests.

“LREM does not fund my campaign”

During the debate, Vincent Terrail-Novès was asked about the financing of his electoral campaign. The candidate, supported by La République en Marche, first of all denies having received money from the Macronist movement.

I am not a member of any party. I have no card. I am supported by the presidential majority. LREM does not fund my campaign.

Vincent Terrail-Novès (DVD / LREM). List “New impetus for Occitania”

It is only after several reiterated questions from journalists that Vincent Terrail-Novès half-admits that he receives money from “the presidential majority”.

My campaign is financed like all the other candidates by personal contributions, by contributions from candidates in part and actually by a tiny part of the financing … “

Vincent Terrail-Novès (DVD / LREM) List “New impetus for Occitanie”

The current mayor of Balma never mentioned the name of the LREM movement but instead spoke of the “presidential majority”. Did the candidate want to hide this funding? And if so, why ?

However, the majority of electoral campaigns are partly financed by political parties, in full legality and transparency. Does Vincent Terrail-Novès want to move his image away from that of La République en Marche so as not to be directly associated with the party? One thing is certain the candidate is not a member of Emmanuel Macron’s party. But he will still receive aid for his electoral campaign.

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