Tifa Lockhart in blue dress in Final Fantasy 7 themed Jannet cosplay

There are prominent figures in the world of Final Fantasy who have been created over time in Square Enix. Each of them survives in their own universe, without interfacing in the least with the others and with a limited role in that video game. The characters of Final Fantasy they are closed in watertight compartments and rarely return.

Sometimes, however, there is a return, and to testify there is the remake of Final Fantasy VII, published with a first part on console and then on PC, while in the future Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will arrive, the highly anticipated second part of this project of makeover. The seventh of the Square Enix saga is one of the most beloved of the saga: no one forgets Cloud and Sephiroththe two valuable protagonists of the title, but not even supporting actors like Aerith, Yuffie or Tifa Lockhart.

And let’s focus on her, one of the most loved heroines in the entire world of video games. This Tifa Lockhart cosplay in blue dress created by Jannet it will really take you to Settimo Cielo, the bar he runs. Unlike the classic dress with white top and black skirt, this time Tifa uses a more intimate and particular dress.

For those who prefer it in classic mode there is instead a cosplay of Tifa Lockhart created by the Italian Kiaraberry.

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