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Blood smeared body. Blue long hair. Ax in hand. No, that’s not Chucky the killer doll with the new hairstyle. This is the rapper Ashnikko in the video for her song “STUPID”. As avengers, Ashnikko and her colleague Yung Baby Tate move from house to house and work off a list of their ex-boyfriends. One after the other they get killed and then you keep hearing: “Stupid Boy thinks that i need him”.

Ashnikko - STUPID Feat. Yung Baby Tate (Official Video) | Bild: Ashnikko (via YouTube)

Ashnikko – STUPID Feat. Yung Baby Tate (Official Video)

That song really got Ashnikko to the top overnight. In a very short time, over a hundred thousand people on TikTok danced the “Stupid Boy” choreo and made the track a viral hit. Yes. Forget about label work, small gigs at festivals or visits to radio shows. TikTok is the place to be. With the platform, there has long been a new place that gets involved, a place that shapes new trends and, the hot newcomer: spits out inside. Finally: Ashnikko. The American is one of many artists who TikTok has given a career push. But that doesn’t mean it’s nothing special. On the contrary, Ashnikko is even more than that: it is unique. But from the beginning.

Ashnikko moved to London all alone at the age of 18

Ashnikko does rap. More precisely, pop-rap with a punk-rock attitude. If you had to choose a symbol for the Londoner by choice, it would look something like this: A blue-haired anime riot girl who sits on a pink cloud chewing gum and sticks out her tongue. On her T-shirt the print: Eat my pussy like it’s dinner. The madness. The real name of Ashnikko Ashton is Nicole Casey. She is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, but in the middle of puberty the artist’s family moved to Estonia and then to Latvia. As the only American woman in a Latvian high school – Ashtion didn’t feel like that. She wanted more. Wherever it burns, I wanted to make music, dare something. And that’s why Ashnikko moved to London all by himself at the age of 18. Very brave, but also very effective. Over the years the artist has worked intensively on her music. Four EPs came around and the number 3 – “Hi It’s Me” from 2019 – then made the breakthrough.

“My parents know that my music is provocative, but they support me a lot. They are my biggest fans”, Ashnikko explains in an interview with mdr Sputnik. Provocation is a big part of their artistic identity. She writes her lyrics herself. And in most of the lyrics she raps openly about genitals, sexual fantasies and what gets on her nerves – especially when having sex with men. That sounds unconventional, for example in the song “Clitoris! The Musical”.

Clitoris! The Musical | Bild: Ashnikko - Topic (via YouTube)

Clitoris! The Musical

Ashnikko’s private life is bisexual. In many songs, the artist seems really pissed off that she finds men attractive too. Understandable. Patriarchy is not that easy to defeat. Ashnikko at least tries. And that, together with her snotty style, her crazy colorfulness fits so perfectly into today’s times. We live in an era in which gender roles in mainstream pop are finally being broken up more and taboos such as sex are finally coming openly on the table. “I think there will definitely be an increase in sex positivity in pop music in 2020 and 2021. I’m very excited to see where this will lead. ”

Snotty cosplay style and videos like wicked comic worlds

Yes. This is going to be exciting. More and more artists are singing, rapping and talking more about sex these days. OK then. Thanks to pioneers Madonna, Bikini Kill and Lil Kim. Today there are many. And some artists stand out from the crowd. Ashnikko is one of them. This attitude, this snotty cosplay style and super funky videos that look like wicked comic worlds. How does that come about? Answer: Feminist-musical early education. According to her own statement, the artist only heard female artists until she was 13. Her role models include MIA, Missy Elliott, Gwen Stefani, but also Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton and Avril Lavigne. She even dedicated a cover to the latter: “Sk8erboi”, Avril Lavigne’s breakthrough, becomes “L8erBoi” at Ashnikko. She adjusted the lyrics accordingly.

L8r Boi |  Photo: Ashnikko - Topic (via YouTube)

L8r Boi

“L8er Boi” can be found on Ashnikkor’s debut album. “DEMIDEVIL” was released in January and offers ten tracks, lots of explicit lyrics and top-class guests like Grimes, Princess Nokia or Kelis. It was actually clear from the start: There is a lot of oomph under the colorful cosplay wigs from Ashnikko. Both artistically and spiritually. But the best thing is: this is not even her final form. There is still a lot to come. I am glad that the future begins today.

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