TikTok. Do SAT and INE have otaku accounts? I VIDEOS

The most famous and most used social network by all kinds of generations is Tiktok; it contains thousands of users, celebrities, brands and even government institutions that are beginning to open accounts to reach a younger audience.

Within this social network, the government services that have stood out in networks this last week are the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the Tax Administration Service (SAT), and the strange thing is not that they want to be at the forefront, but their content.

In the TikTok of the INE and the SAT they have been anime clips as visual support to inform about the procedures they offer. It is possible to recognize on the covers of the videos of their profiles scenes of episodes of Dragon Ball, Evangelion, Naruto and other scenes from famous anime, which have made citizens think that the community manager behind the beads is otaku.

However, the use of anime or references to Japanese cartoons may be related to the popularization of such content, which Before they were a motive for bullying in schools and now it is a pleasure, and even a socially accepted culture.

For this reason, although it is strange to see such content, it has achieved its purpose, to attract attention, since as Mexicans it is not strange to see government bodies rise to trends, as with the Nuevo León government account, who shows us a fanatic manager of Evangelion publishing content by the Secretariat of Parks and Wildlife.

One of the anime used by the SAT otaku in Tiktok is Kimetsu no Yaiba. In another of his videos, the villain is shown, Muzan Kibutsuji, who is terrified with the power of Plate, with a little title on Tanjiro’s forehead that says ‘discharge data’. Many comments on the video said that “The SAT tastes like the chaviza”.

Although this is a good tactic, only one of these accounts is true, it is well known that there will always be accounts that try to impersonate the tax authority with false profiles, and this is dangerous as they can spread unofficial information.

Yesterday, the SAT through its official Twitter account, denied the existence of an ‘otaku’ account under the name SAT on the social network TikTok. The profile uses the official SAT logo and has more than 100,000 subscribers and a total of 36 videos.

The reason why It is believed that it is a real profile is because the first videos published in this profile are tutorials originally published on the official SAT channel on YouTube, the most recent content is the one with a touch of otaku humor with comments on tax matters.

It is sad to know that it is not an official account, but the content makes the world of the Mexican treasury more interesting and easier to understand. For now we settle for knowing that the INE account in Tiktok if it is real, as well as its content.



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