Tiktoker became one of the Weasley brothers even without the Polyjuice Potion. The cosplayers cry – it was very easy for him

Tiktoker took part in the challenge and turned into one of the Weasley brothers. The blogger himself does not believe, although he looks so much like twins that he could be a stunt double on the set. No magic outside Hogwarts – he just got lucky with his looks.

In tiktok, a challenge appeared, the essence of which is to show which of the characters in “Harry Potter” you look like, without mentioning his name. Blogger charlieajw also took part on March 13 posted video, thanks to which the subscribers understood: he went through the cosplay to the end. In order for people to notice the resemblance to the Weasley brothers (any of them), the Tiktoker did not need to wear makeup, wear a costume or a wig. The guy simply rewound his head with a bandage, making the same bandage as George’s after being wounded, and won the hearts of Potter fans.

By the way, he himself does not notice the similarities.

I still don’t see [сходства]… And it seems that I am the only one who does not see, – says the blogger, being already in character.

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He was encouraged to participate in the challenge by commentators, who, according to Tiktoker, write under each video about a striking resemblance to George.

And even if not everyone sees George, they agree that the blogger is definitely a relative of the Weasley family.

Most often, cosplayers have to resort to using makeup to turn into a favorite character. But not everyone reaches such heights in this, like the beauty blogger who became Kristen Stewart. She turned out to be so similar to an actress that even Robert Pattinson would not have distinguished her from the original.

Although she is unlikely to outperform a cosplayer from Japan. When her work became popular enough, the Japanese woman admitted that she was actually a man. The fans did not believe right away, because the young man did not change the sex, but looks more feminine than many girls.


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