Tinker Bell of Peter Pan seems to have come to life in this incredible cosplay!

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There are many versions of Tinkerbell, Peter Pan’s faithful fairy, reproduced over the years in cinema and on television. Among the most famous we undoubtedly remember that of the animated film of Disney, that of Virginia Browne Faire in the film by Herbert Brenon of 1924. Another very famous version is that of the live action of Peter Pan of 2003, whose Campanellino was played by Ludivine Sagnier. But we can still remember the beautiful Julia Roberts in her version of Tinker Bell in Hook – Capitan Uncino di Steven Spielberg.

In addition to the TV series Once upon a time, in which Tinker Bell takes an active part in the story, everyone eagerly awaits the live action version of Yara Shahidi completely different from what we are used to. While we await the end of the production of the new Disney film, there are many cosplayers who are inspired by the character of Tinker Bell, dressing up like her and taking incredible photos.

The best Tinker Bell cosplay is on Instagram

If you searched for the account @ sveta.frost you would come across a beautiful girl who works as a cosplayer and photographer and who stages some of the best characters from films, TV series, cartoons and anime, all with attention to detail and incredibly faithful to the originals. Let’s take his version of Campanellino for example.

In these two photos it seems that Tinker Bell has come out of the Disney cartoon and has landed on a giant strawberry to have some pictures taken. The wings are identical, the hair is collected in the same way as in the animated film, the big blue eyes look exactly like those of the character, the dress is identified in every detail, as are the shoes and – like the original character – also the young cosplayer has in her hands some yellow powder that allows everyone to fly. Seeing this photo, one would just ask this smiling Tinker Bell to sprinkle some dust and fly with her to Neverland.

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