Tips for a cult carnival




Let’s start from the Seventies with two absolute cults: for musical lovers there is Grease. If you are a couple Olivia / Sandy and John / Danny Zuko sheathed in tight black leather jackets, leggings (for her) and backcombed hair will solve the situation brilliantly. The master Kubrick instead with Clockwork Orange gave us characters that still today arouse a thrill in every sense: Alex and his drughs in white clothes, with braces, bowler hat, club-club, eye made up … And if you are thirsty for some milk from the Korova Milkbar I recommend ! Let’s move on to 80. Yes I know the list here would be endless: Doc and Marty’s Back to the Future? E Indiana Jones? Absolutely agree, but having to give space to the other decades of cinema, I concentrated on the motto “minimum effort, maximum yield”. So with this in mind I propose two costumes. Every boy of the 80s, watching the party in which Ralph Macchio-Daniel LaRusso participates in Karate Kid in order not to be recognized by Johnny Lawrence and his bully friends, he wanted the mythical shower costume with curtain to hide and make out with his girlfriend. But if you prefer, given the success of the series Cobra Kai, you can opt for the karateka outfit… You just have to decide whether to be part of the Miyagi Dojo with your beautiful bonsai embroidered on the back or with the unmistakable ophide of the Cobra Kai, which, you know, never dies. A simple and quick idea for a couple cosplay instead is the prestigious pairing Aykroyd-Belushi, unforgettable protagonists of Blues Brothers; it goes without saying that the phisique du rôle counts a lot here, but a black suit with sunglasses, hat, tie in the same color and off you go: on a mission on behalf of God! Even the years 90 have churned out iconic and recognizable characters often looted by cosplayers. Always remaining in the ease of implementation, I propose two options: the Neo di Matrix portrayed by Keanu Reeves, and the Raven of the late Brandon Lee. In the first case, I recommend slouching movements, slicked-back hair and safety glasses or the risk of being mistaken for Don Matteo is around the corner. In the second case, the worst that can happen to unwary eyes is to be apostrophized like Ledger’s darkettone Joker, but in the case it would not be bad. With the 2000s the great film sagas arrive on the big screen, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean but also Harry Potter. Above all, the boy wizard and his schoolmates, thanks to the simplicity of uniforms and cloaks, come to your rescue with a costume of sure impact and very simple. Even better if in company. Another interesting idea is the bride of Kill Bill of Tarantinian memory masterfully interpreted by Uma Thurman. Bruce Lee yellow striped black jumpsuit, sharp katana (fake), sneakers and blond bob… “et voilà” you are ready to kill Bill.

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