Together with Netflix, CD Project RED is co-directed by WitcherCont


Fans of Witcher games and TV series will target the online event.

12/12/2021 14:01 | Dino | category: Game

The CD Project RED has been put together with Netflix and is co – organized by WitcherCont, an online event for fans of games and TV series.

WitcherCon will take place on Friday, July 9th and we will see roundtable discussions, fresh news, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and other curiosities about The Witcher franchise.

The staff of the CD Project RED will talk about how the games in the series were made and, of course, highlight the mobile phones under development. The Witcher: Monster Slayert is. But of course, the Netflix live-action series and the Nighmare of the Wolf anime are not to be missed either.

There will be two streams, the first will be launched on July 9 at 7pm and then released again at 3am the next day, but both are promised to have exclusive material as well.

For more information, see WitcherCon website will be published and the streams YouTube-on and Twitchen will be viewable. ■

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