Tokyo Olympic Tomorrow’s Leaves: Anime-Kurzfilm Studio Ponco

When the Tokyo Olympics finally begin in Japan, the event is drawing crowds to your screen from everywhere!

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The Olympic Games have always been seen as an event that brings people together through the power of sport. This feeling has survived even after such a turbulent tournament history.

However, with the power of anime, Olympic takes that feeling to a whole new level!

Through its Foundation for Culture and Heritage (OFCH), the International Olympic Committee has started streaming the anime short film “Tomorrow’s Leaves”, which is being produced by Studio Ponoc to commemorate the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games on July 23, 2021 .

One look at the short film and I remember that Ghibli Classic movie Ponyo. The short film has pleasant music that goes perfectly with the silent characters. In a world full of incredible wonders, we follow five children from different nations who come together to save the world.

The Ghibli resemblance is primarily due to the influence of director Yoshiyuki Momose, who has worked closely on feature films such as The Tomb of the Fireflies and The Fairy Tale of Princess Kaguya.

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Takatsugu Muramatsu, known for Lu over the wall, created a fascinating mix of music and sound effects for the short film.

Tomorrow Leaves premiered at the Annecy Festival opening ceremony on June 14th.

The short film was drawn entirely by hand and is the first commissioned work for Studio Ponoc of the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage’s Arts & Culture. The anime short film offers exciting action sequences mixed with the fantastic nature of the dream world.

This video is the perfect treat for anyone who is a fan of Ghibli and Sport as it brings out the best of both worlds. So grab some popcorn and watch the short film for free!

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